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Giorgio Chiellini

We always support a healthy life

Magniflex has a privileged relationship with sports. The company has already been the sponsor of Giro d’Italia back in the 80’s, to highlight the close link that exists between the quality of rest and a healthy lifestyle.
And even today the great passion for sports guides the company in its commitment to promote a culture of good rest.

In fact, over the years Magniflex has supported various players of the Italian National Rugby team, all considered as examples of performance and genuineness, inviting them to be the testimonials of the quality that the company ensures in its products.
In 2016 this philosophy led to the employment of the legend of the Italian and international sports as the new face of Magniflex: Gianluigi Buffon.
The two-year period between 2017 and 2018 was the turning point of the partnership with the Italian Soccer Team, which included the supply of mattresses and pillows for the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano.

But our show of support to the world of sports doesn’t stop here. In 2021,Magniflex became a National Partner of the Volleyball Nations League, the competition was created in 2018 and was reserved to players of the volleyball national team. A tangible sign of the bond that exists between the brand and healthy living, is an expression of the company’s interest in a culture that advocates the importance of sleeping well.

Who is better than a European Champion like Giorgio Chiellini to continue the relationship that has been linking Magniflex to the World of Sport for years? Captain of the Italian National Team that won the last European soccer event, a player from Tuscany, who allows us to tie the name of our company to the place where everything began. Magniflex and Giorgio Chiellini are a strong and rooted duo, made up of healthy principles and hard work.

The international stars sleep on Magniflex mattresses

Between the talented athletes and Magniflex there is a link that is part of a long tradition which goes from the historical sponsorships in the world of cycling, to the most recent collaborations in the world of rugby and sponsorship of the Italian international soccer team. Sport, just like rest, is a borderless passion, in Italy, in the rest of the world. Its been 20 years of Magniflex presence in Japan that have led the company to bind to the most important sport events in the country, so that some of the most famous Japanese champions have become significant testimonials.

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