Every Magniflex Gold mattress comes with a 22 carat gold medallion that has your name engraved on it. This is simply to show the world, that you are a connoisseur of the finest things in life.

This personalised tag also amplifies that your mattress has been Made To Measure for your personal and unique specifications. And that nobody else in the world will own the same piece.

Some people may think is a luxury, but the fortunate few who own a Magniflex Gold, would never settle for anything less.

Height Approx 24 cm (9.5 inch)
*Mattress size may vary +/-15 mm in length, width & thickness. User should allow minimum 48 hrs to mattress, So that mattress will regain to its original shape.
Fabric 22 carat gold yarn
Comfort Level Medium Soft
Internal structure Memoform
Product Specification Precious natural material, Thermo-regulating, anti-bacterial,odour proof, hard wearing, static free and anti-stress
Exclusive Guarantee and personalised ebony and gold label with the customer’s name engraved in gold
Certifications OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY


22 Carat Gold Yarn

22 Carat Gold yarn fabric , created to your own specification

Horse Hair

Patented Memoform

Gives extra comfort through Patented Memoform quilting


Healing & Curing properties

Lending the healing & curing properties of Gold to your body. It also helps to reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms

Horse Hair

Personalised Gold Label

Personalised gold label with every mattress

Reduce back and neck pain

Handmade design expressing quality fine craftsmanship

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

Hypoallergenic fabric

Hypoallergenic fabric

Washable & Removable cover with zipper

Patented Memoform

Revitalizes discs during sleep due to an improved blood flow

Customisable comfort level

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