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The joy of becoming a new mother is the most blissful feeling that a woman could ever have in her entire life. But in the starting days of motherhood, managing everything becomes very challenging for the new mother. Sleep deprivation is a common problem for most of the mothers after having a baby. Mother’s body requires rest and enough sleep after the delivery, but the responsibility of looking after a child keeps her from taking care of herself. If you are one of them and looking for tips to overcome sleep deprivation, here are some tips and home remedies for deep sleep.  Also, Know-how sleep can boost your immunity?

Observe your baby’s sleep times:

Having peaceful sleep at night often turns into a nightmare for the new mother. She has to stay ever-alert to respond to the baby’s needs- be it feeding the baby to suffer its mid-night hunger or changing the nappy. But you can complete your sleep by making free time in your daily schedule by observing the baby’s sleeping patterns and times. This can help you to make a particular free time to make up for the incomplete night’s sleep. 

This sleep deprivation remedy plan will allow you to take sufficient rest that you would require to take care of your baby properly. Always remember one thing that your sleep is also crucial for your baby’s health. You can also sleep with your baby to maintain a synchronized sleeping pattern with your baby’s sleep time. As a baby tends to wake several times during sleep, you can keep that record sleeping with him/her.

Ask your partner for help:

If you stay with your partner, asking for equal help in taking care of the baby can help you a lot in overcoming the tiredness due to lack of sleep. Ask your partner to take care of the baby so that you can get enough time to complete your sleep. Extreme lack of sleep can also affect your milk production and also affect your immunity and health. 

A mother’s physical condition greatly impacts the health of the newborn. Hence, make sure to get enough support from your partner. When your baby needs breastfeeding, you can store your milk in a bottle so that your partner can feed the baby when you sleep. Thus, you can thoroughly delve yourself into a deep sleep. This could also act as a sleep deprivation remedy for you.      

Ask your friends/relatives to take care of your baby if you feel very low:

If being a mother has become too hard for you, and the new responsibilities of the baby seem to be challenging to both your physical and mental state, it is high time to seek help from your close relatives or best friends. Study says that 29% -36 % of women go through postnatal depression and one of the major causes of this issue is sleep deprivation. 

If you suddenly start feeling very low or having a headache or spasm in your body, it might happen due to your restlessness and sleep deprivation. You should take the maximum rest at that time. To get yourself a time-out for rest, you can leave your baby along with baby care necessities to one of your most trusted friends or relatives who can take good care of your baby in your absence. You can also try these home remedies for deep sleep.

Hire a Babysitter/Nanny:

In case you are a single mother or your partner lives somewhere else due to professional reasons, or you don’t have any relatives around to help you, you can consider the idea of keeping a trusted babysitter/Nanny for your baby. For a new mother. a nanny’s help can be very effective in sustaining both baby’s and mother’s health. 

In case you lack experience of handling a baby and you feel overwhelmed due to huge responsibility and lack of sleep, a nanny who has experience of babysitting can help you a lot in this journey. Plus, you will get enough time to get rest while the nanny will take care of your baby. However, make sure the nanny you are hiring has a good reputation as an infant caretaker.

Make Your Baby Fall Asleep So That You Can Sleep

The best way to get sleep for yourself is by sending your baby into a deep sleep. A full tummy and comforting bedding can make a baby fall to sleep quickly. If you sleep with your baby in your bed, make sure that you have a conforming mattress. Magniflex’s mattress range is characterised by maximum sleep comfort features along with Memofoam technology. Sleeping on this memory foam mattress offers your baby a mild warmth during its sleep and the baby hardly feels any disturbance. Plus this mattress range ensures anti-fungal and odour-free attributes which further adds quality to your sleep. 

The faster your baby falls asleep, the faster you can get the chance for resting and suffice the sleep deprivation. So, consider this effective sleep deprivation remedy. 

Do exercise when you are not having much sleep:

This can also work out as an effective home remedy to have enough sleep. Daily exercise can accelerate your sleep process to take place faster and can send you to a night of deep sleep. The most comfortable practice is, of course, walking. You can take a walk taking your baby in a perambulator daily, or you can perform specific tasks of workout to keep yourself always fit and fab which can eventually help you to have enough sleep at night. You can also do yoga and meditation for rejuvenating yourself with positivity and revitalised feeling.  

Eat Healthy Foods That Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

From nurturing a baby in the belly for 9months to breastfeeding a baby, a woman’s body sacrifices vital nutrients and energy for the well-being of her baby. The new mother must keep herself well-fed and well-nourished by eating healthy foods. Try to add almonds, chamomile tea, kiwi, tart cherry juice, fatty fish rich in omega-3, walnuts, passionflower tea, and rice to your daily meal. These food items and drinks are excellent home remedies for deep sleep. Apart from allowing you to sleep properly, these foods are the great source of vital nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that can also suffice your wellbeing and physical vitality.


Naturally, a mother’s workload becomes double after having a baby, but you need to manage it efficiently and wisely. It would be best if you did your duties with a fresh mind and positivity. Take things more lightly and always enjoy looking after your baby. To reduce stress due to lack of sleep, spend playful moments with your baby. 

While following these home remedies for deep sleep, avoid overburdening yourself with added tasks or unnecessary responsibilities. Focus on your baby’s well being and manage some extra time for yourself and to make up for your incomplete sleep. There is no denying the fact that the journey of motherhood is an exclusive experience and taking care of your baby is the most essential duty. But apart from a mother’s duty, you have to take proper care of your health before your sleep deprivation leads to postnatal depression. Follow these effective tips and home remedies to become a strong and healthy mother!