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Solve Sleep Problems Naturally

How To Solve Sleep Problems Naturally?

Sound sleep has become a rare thing now, something which comes once in a blue moon. Due to poor lifestyles and long work hours, people sacrifice their sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation. While some, due to stress and poor diet, become prey to insomnia (not being able to sleep). These are some of the sleep problems being encountered in the modern-day, but as it is said that almost every problem has a solution, so do these sleep problems also have. Don’t worry; we have got you covered with our next piece, in which we will discuss how to solve sleep problems naturally. 

1. Melatonin 

This hormone rectifies the sleep-wake cycle. Those who have less of this hormone or, if there is an underproduction, suffer through the problem of insomnia. To assure a decent sleep, there are many melatonin supplements accessible in the market. Melatonin helps in ensuring a good sleep throughout the night and more alertness in the morning. It is advisable to approach a doctor for taking melatonin supplements.

2. Change Your Mattress 

If you are experiencing back pain upon waking up or tossing here and there the whole night, then that’s a red signal that it is your mattress that is not letting you sleep at night. The most important thing to ensure while sleeping is that you are using a right mattress. There are specially designed mattresses for sleep problems; the memory foam mattress that support your back & absorbs all the body heat. The surface is so plush that it perceives like you are dozing on a cloud. So, the first step to good sleep is to have a good mattress that suits your needs. 

3. Light exposure 

Light is the thing that decides our level of alertness. During the day, try to sit in an environment full of sunlight that helps build vitamin D and raises your level of attentiveness. In the night 2 hours before bedtime, try staying in a low light environment to ensure there is not much screen exposure and you keep the lights of your room dim. Light plays a major role in telling the body when to be active and when to sleep. Another option available is light therapy, but it is used in severe cases only as part of sleep therapy. 

4. Meditation 

Most sleep disorders occur due to stress, deteriorating mental health, and anxiety. The most feasible path to maintain your mental health in check is to practice meditation every day. Meditation relaxes the mind as well as the whole body, which helps you sleep at night peacefully. It makes all the stress anxiety go away and helps improve concentration, which assists in being productive and alert during the daytime.

5. Aromatherapy 

Many research studies suggest that the smell of certain essential oils with a good aroma helps get a good sleep as it soothes the senses. Many sleep therapists use aromatherapy with insomnia patients. 

6. Herbs 

You will find numerous herbs accessible in the market that helps in sleeping. Most of these herbs can be mixed with tea, or certain tea such as chamomile tea is said to help counter sleep problems as it provides relaxation to the whole body. Valerian herb is also helpful, which can be taken in tea or as a supplement that facilitates sleep. Another option is to switch to Ayurveda. Depending on your body type, many herbs can be suggested for specific sleep problems.

7. Right pillow 

Experienced heat, and sticky head in the middle of your sleep? If yes, you may be sleeping on the wrong pillow. An Ideal pillow should be anti-allergy, dust mite free, highly breathable & made of certified core material like memory foam which provides right support to your head and come back to its original form after the person gets up. 

When you religiously follow these points, then only you will start seeing a change. Always remember consistency is the key. Make sure that you use a comfortable mattress that ensures a good sleep because an old and torn mattress will only give you back pain making it more difficult to sleep. Changing the mattress for sleep problems may be the best way to ensure a good and soulful sleep at night.