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Innovation and technologies

MagniStretch - Stretching has never been this relaxing

MagniStretch is a high-tech and innovative mattress developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.

The layers in Elioform and Eliosoft are even more flexible thanks to the innovative Stretch system, which provides ideal support to the spine. The padding is made of Memoform, a soft and anatomical material. The outer lining is the product of the combination of soft viscose and Outlast®, a temperature-regulating fabric that absorbs excess heat and releases it when you need it. It features a micro-perforated and highly breathable band along the perimeter.

In July 2017 the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), the largest chiropractic association in the United States, certified the beneficial effects of the MagniStretch mattress, which stretches and relaxes your back.

How it works

  • The special layers with tilted sections adapts to the body’s pressure.
  • It stretches the body from the lower back to the cervical area and from the lower back towards the feet.
  • The space between the vertebrae increases and the weight is distributed more evenly.


  • MagniStretch helps sooth muscle tension and contraction, relieving neck and back pain, which improves blood circulation.

Dual Core: sleeping together, but each in their own way

Each of us has a particular built that determines the type of support and the degree of softness of the mattress we find the most comfortable. Dual Core is Magniflex’s response to this need. It’s the innovative system we’ve invented to share the mattress with your partner, without having to compromise. Thanks to this innovation, the core, which consists of sheets of materials having varying comfort, in the double version, features two separate parts that can be flipped and thus offer two different types of support: soft or firm.

Two different comfort levels all in one mattress:

● DUAL COMFORT OPTION: each side of the mattress provides a different type of support. Whip out the mattress and choose the side you want to turn to obtain the desired comfort.
● “SOFT” SIDE: for more delicate and cozy support.                                                 

● “FIRM” SIDE: for sturdier support, but nonetheless designed with the best comfort for the back and spine.
● SEPARATE AND REVERSIBLE LAYERS: to meet the different needs of the couples and get the support you want.
● PERFECT COUPLE’S HARMONY while sleeping, even when the partners have different preferences.

Vacuum-packed technology: a revolution that has left everyone breathless

Our ongoing commitment to research and our passion for nature signified in 1986 with Magniflex’s vacuum-packed technology invention that revolutionized the world of mattresses.

Vacuum-packing guarantees:

● Stable hygiene and consistent quality,

● Volume reduced by 90%,

● Reduction of polluting emissions of CO2 (13 mattresses per m3).

Mattress Layer Manufacturing Process

Breathable design with varying support

Thanks to the holes featured on the layer, this special design ensures that the mattress delivers perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of moisture and heat. The constant air circulation inside the mattress and pillow thus ensures ideal heat exchange between the layer, the fabrics and your body. In addition, since each part of the body applies a different amount of pressure, the mattress provides special support to the head, shoulders, back, legs and ankles, distributing and balancing the weight in each part of the body to always offer the best support.

Massaging system

The massaging feature in the mattress revitalizes the body's microcirculation, working non-stop while you are asleep. The result is a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and continuous comfort. This special process also offers varying support to the head, shoulder, back, legs and ankles, providing the perfect support for any part of the body.

Checkered-board support system

This special system provides varying support to five parts of the body: the head, shoulders, back, legs and ankles, distributing and balancing the body's weight along the length of the mattress to offer the ideal support.

Internal channel support system

The particular channel support system of this mattress promotes air circulation* inside the layers. The air passing through the channels helps dispel internal moisture, ensuring a consistently dry environment for a sensation of overall comfort. The five parts of the body (head, shoulders, back, legs and ankles) receive varying and customized support.