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Luxury Mattresses: The Ultimate Sleeping Experience

At Magniflex, we understand everyone has unique sleeping preferences. That’s why our luxury mattresses cater to all sleeping styles. We have the perfect mattress for you whether you prefer firm or soft support.

Elevate Your Sleep Experience Investing in a high-quality luxury mattress is an investment in your sleep quality and well-being. Our mattresses are designed to provide the ultimate sleeping experience, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Don’t settle for an ordinary mattress when you can indulge in the ultimate luxury and comfort with Magniflex.

Discover our extensive selection of luxury mattresses, each thoughtfully designed to meet your unique requirements. From advanced cooling technologies to personalized support, our mattresses offer an oasis of comfort tailored just for you.

lady siiting on a luxury mattress


The luxurious mattress from the House of Magniflex has all the best features a mattress can have. The mattress is made of fine materials, elegant fabrics and unique natural fibres. The high-density inner layers provide exclusive comfort and support.


  • The mattress has two sides – A summer side and a winter side. 
  • The winter side is made of rare, natural fibres such as Cashmere, Merino wool, Camel wool and Horsehair to create the ideal microclimate on cold winter days and provide a cozy comfort. 
  • The summer side contains natural fibres such as Silk, Horsehair, Linen and Cotton to create a dry and breathable comfort for warmer months.


Makes sharing a bed so easy and comfortable. It lets couples choose their preferred comfort with a quick zip and flip.


  • The combination of the Memoform topper and the layers of Eliosoft and Elioform provide various comfort levels, which are easily adjustable. 
  • The cozy and anatomical Memoform layer prevents the formation of pressure points and stimulates blood circulation.
premium mattress inside the bedroom
lady doing body streches on luxuroius mattress-Magnistretch


A dream come true for your spine! Discover the innovative and patented MagniStretch mattress designed to meet your individual needs and provide you with a complete energy boost. Endorsed by the prestigious American Chiropractic Association, this mattress is for those who love to move.


  • Made using Magniflex’s patented MagniStretch Technology- a stretch technology developed to provide remarkable benefits to your back.
  • It distributes weight evenly across the mattress.
  • Gently stretch from lower back to feet.
  • Relieves muscle tension, helps with pain, and improves blood flow


No more sweaty summer sleep. Wake up feeling rested and relaxed with the all-new Magnicool! Made using the innovative and exclusive MagniCool cover fabric, this mattress offers unparalleled freshness even in peak summers. 


  • Layers of Magnigel, Memoform, and Eliosoft offer comfy support.
  • Promotes air circulation, creating a perfect microclimate between the body and the mattress.
  • Dissipates heat and promotes breathability.
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Exclusive Features

Baby Safe

anti fungus icon

Anti-Fungus Treated

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Zero Pressure Point

the icon of smell less fabric

Odourless Fabric

good support for your back

Optimum Back Support

anti bacterial fabric used

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Dustmite

Luxury Mattress Collection 


Our customers are not just satisfied, but 100% satisfied.

Mahesh Lingwat
Mahesh Lingwat
23 February 2022
Using Magniflex from last 2 years, best mattress to buy.
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar
8 September 2021
I have purchased a queen size magniflex mattress, It has been super comfortable and worth every penny, totally satisfied with the purchase and the best thing is it's a Certified Memory foam mattress. Best mattress in Bangalore.
Amit Kawle
Amit Kawle
28 July 2021
I had back pains and sleeping issues due to pain, after doctor suggestions i started searching good orthopedic mattress and got to know about this international brand magniflex after couple of visits and suggestion by sales person Mr.Rohan deshpande pune,i bought magnistrech before 2 months and now feels very comfortable while sleeping and wakes up refreshing in morning. Note-It is bit higher on cost but definitely worth to buy!
Sandhya Agnihotri
Sandhya Agnihotri
24 July 2021
I was searching good mattress for my parents, I had very specific requirement looking at my parents age, after googling got to know about Italian brand magniflex. Initially was unaware whether it is available in pune, but luckily it is....bought Magnigel mattress which soft n supportive too & now am Happy with product and my parents too , will recommend all to check it if planning to buy new mattress.
Namrata Patel
Namrata Patel
9 June 2021
I bought Magniflex orthopedic memory foam mattress 1 month ago, I found it is worth buying and made in Italy product i am very satisfied with quality and service.
Bipin Adiyesha
Bipin Adiyesha
8 June 2021
I had numerous searches for the right mattress for a peaceful and stress free sleep. At last found a good performance mattress in Magniflex. I bought Magnistretch mattress which best orthopaedic mattress and I got my back pain solution. I am very happy with Magniflex Mattress.
binal gajjar
binal gajjar
7 June 2021
I bought Magniflex mattress form Rajkot it is very comfortable mattress and quality of mattress is amazing also quick customer service.
kriday parmar
kriday parmar
2 June 2021
Excellent Quality and one of the best orthopaedic mattress.
kiran chinna
kiran chinna
22 September 2020
After knowing the foam qualities & going through the product demo I have decided to purchase the Magniflex mattress and everyone in my family is honestly satisfied with the product. Thank you Magniflex! Happy to share the experience and recommend it to others.

Questions from the customers

Luxury mattresses are high-quality, premium sleep surfaces that offer superior comfort, support, and durability compared to standard mattresses. These mattresses are often designed with top-of-the-line materials and advanced technologies to provide an indulgent sleep experience. Some features commonly found in luxury mattresses include – High-quality materials, advanced support systems, enhanced cooling technology, motion isolation, edge support, customisation options, handcrafted details, longevity and warranty details.

Luxury or premium mattresses are more expensive than standard mattresses because they use higher quality materials, and the construction and overall sleep experience is superior. They use high-quality raw materials such as high-density memoform, natural latex, cashmere, silk, organic cotton, etc. These materials are more costly to source and produce than those used in standard mattresses.

Luxury mattresses incorporate advanced sleep technologies, such as patented stretch technology, patented memoform, dual-core technology, motion isolation systems, and targeted support zones. The research and development into these innovations add to the mattress’s cost.

The reputed brands that manufacture them ensure the mattress’s longevity and strong warranties.

Depending on the type of mattress, our warranties extend between 8-20 years

Yes, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifies Magniflex mattresses to be child safe.

People buy expensive mattresses for various reasons, as different individuals have different priorities and preferences regarding sleep comfort and overall well-being. Some common reasons people choose to invest in costly mattresses are – to experience enhanced comfort, improve sleep quality, aid in physical recovery and pain management, health considerations, lifestyle elevation and primarily for brand reputation and trust.

OEKO-TEX certifies that every product component, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against up to 350 toxic chemicals.

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Magniflex - Synonymous with luxury and comfort.

Magniflex's Premium Materials for Exceptional Comfort:

The quality of the materials used in our mattresses sets us apart. All materials are OEKO-TEX®-certified, guaranteeing they are free from toxic or harmful substances for man and the environment.

Rare and fine natural materials for truly luxurious rest

Some of our mattresses are made of silk, linen, rare camel fibre, natural cashmere, merino wool & horsehair.

Technologically advanced features:

Our technologically advanced features enhance your sleep experience on our mattresses. Here are some of our technological advancements; 

3D Tech Fabric – provides high breathability that helps reduce the mattress’s internal moisture to a minimum, neutralises smells, and prevents mould formation for top-notch hygiene levels.

Viscose – A soft high-tech fibre made from wood pulp. It has a silky texture that is very pleasant to the touch. It possesses an excellent ability to dissipate moisture.

Memoform – The most anatomical of all the materials we use in production is designed to react to the body’s weight and adapt perfectly to any build. Memoform adapts a person’s physique and ensures it doesn’t form any pressure points. It provides a sensation of comfort and promotes ideal blood circulation. With Memoform, you do not experience bothersome pains in the morning.

Magnistretch Magnistretch technology elongates the body and stretches the back from the lumbar area toward the neck and feet. It distributes your body weight and increases the space between your vertebrae for a revitalising and energising awakening.

Magnicool – The innovative Magnicool fabric regulates the mattress’s temperature, dissipates moisture, and gives you a calm rest. It makes falling asleep easier, increases metabolism and contributes to achieving an uninterrupted sleep cycle. 

Luxury Mattresses for Every Sleeping Style

We understand that everyone has different sleeping preferences. That’s why we offer a range of luxury mattresses that cater to every sleeping style. Whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress, we have a mattress that will suit your needs.