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Magnigel Mattress

Organic Backpain Relieving Mattress

A line that offers all the benefits you have always dreamed of: lightness, freshness and support. Sleeping on a Magnigel cool gel mattress is a subtle pleasure, which satisfies your body and relaxes your mind.

Height21 cm (8 Inch)
Comfort Level Medium Firm / Firm
Product BenefitsDual core technology, Extra orthopedic support, Extra comfort, Embrassing, Unprecedented level of coolness and freshness
Internal StructurePadding in Magnigel foam 1 cm, Memoform 1 cm and Super soft fibre, Elioform 15 cm, Memoform 2 cm, Magnigel foam 1 cm
Warranty10 years
CertificationsOEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Materials used in Magnigel cool gel mattress

Memoform inside the cool gel mattress


Memoform is the most anatomical of the materials used by Magniflex. The Memoform is designed to react to the weight of the body so that it adapts perfectly to each contour of the human figure. This feature provides a sensation of well-being and has beneficial effects on the spine, enabling it to relax.

Eliofoam for cooling mattress


A Pure orthopaedic, non-deforming, supportive foam intricately designed with high density microcellular structure to achieve high breathability.

Magnigel-Foam inside cooling mattress

Magnigel Foam

Magnigel Foam is an innovative material that consists of a highly breathable, flexible gel. It is ecological, crushproof, and its high-density structure makes it incredibly soft and comfortable. Magnigel Foam gives the mattress a fresh, cool sensation, so you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

Mattress Height :

20 cms (8" thick)

Warranty :

10 years

magnigel cool mattress inner layer

Eco Friendly


Anti Bacterial & Anti- Dustmite

Hypoallergenic Fabric​

Hypoallergenic Fibre

Magnigel Mattress - The only cool gel mattress you’ll ever need

Even enthusiasts of traditional foam mattresses claim they tend to retain too much heat, despite their longstanding reputation as the best choice for comfort. But we have a great solution. A cool gel mattress can easily solve this issue. A Gel foam mattress is great for people who feel extremely warm in bed and a great option for people who experience physical pain. Gel is an innovative material which consists of highly breathable flexible gel. Its Ecological, crush proof and its high density structure makes it incredibly soft and comfort, some buyers prefer it because it offers them more support and comfort.

Many people find that a cool gel mattress is more comfortable since it promotes ventilation and breathability. These two can be helpful if you want to stay cool while you sleep.

Its structure has been designed to ensure greater breathability and stabilize the temparature of product.

Specially designed test has proved that Gel infused foam can keep the temperature of product constant, heating up more slowly and cooling down more rapidly than other foams.

The breathable values of Gel infused foam are proved to be higher than other polyurethane foams and this ensures improved air flow and sensation of greater freshness.

Benefits of cooling mattress

The cool gel mattress is one of the most creative developments in recent years. These top-notch furnishings address a typical issue that many buyers have: nighttime overheating. Other advantages of the materials utilized to make these mattresses include high level of air circulation providing cooling effect and a very good breathability and eco-friendly components.

If you’ve been doubting about buying a cool gel memory foam mattress, your questions are over. Here are a few major advantages of sleeping on a cool gel memory foam mattress for your health and way of life

Improved Sleep Quality

Many people are unaware of how frequently they are awakened during the night. Cooler temperatures are essential for providing the best sleeping environment, which is why many thermostats feature automatic cooling cycles at night.

Being too hot might interfere with your regular sleep patterns and lower the quality of your sleep, even throughout the night. You won’t get cold with the cooling mattress; it absorbs and reflects your body heat.

Less Transfer of Motion

Cooling mattresses also have the advantage of being less prone to motion transfer due to their creative design. That allows you to sleep peacefully without being disturbed even when your companion tosses and turns all night or wakes up early for a shift. Most cooling mattress models contain foam, which contributes to this wonderful feature.

Heat Transfer Is Lower

Your partner has likely experienced the impacts of your tendency to overheat at night. Low-quality or synthetic textiles with poor breathability are to blame for the heat radiation. If your mattress is cooling, you are less likely to overheat from your partner’s body heat.

Specification of Magnigel mattress

Level of comfort

Padding in Memoform (Memory foam) gives a comfortable sensation of lightness and relaxation by flawlessly conforming to the body’s curve. The Super Soft fiber padding enhances your sense of extreme well-being as you sleep by improving your understanding of comfort. Gel infused foam gives mattress freshness and lightness due to its increased air circulation.

Level of support

Simply flipping or turning the mattress cores allows you to experience a new level of comfort thanks to Dual Core technology. The “Medium Firm” side provides a cool, pleasant, and anatomically correct level of support and freshness for the body owing to the combined layers of Magnigel Foam (1 cm) and Memory foam (Memoform) (2 cm), and the “Firm” side provides a firmer level of support thanks to the layer of foam (Elioform) (15 cm).

Magnigel foam technology

A novel substance called Magnigel Foam is made of a flexible, extremely breathable gel. It is environmentally friendly, crushproof, and exceptionally soft and comfy due to its high-density structure. You feel as if you are lying on a cloud thanks to the fresh, cold feeling that Magnigel Foam gives the mattress.


Magniflex uses a variety of materials, although patented Memory foam (Memoform) is the most anatomical material. The Memoform is made to respond to body weight and properly conform to every human curve. This feature gives off a feeling of well-being and benefits the spine by allowing it to unwind.

Cooling properties used in cool gel mattress

You may see commercials for “soft,” “comfortable,” and “long-lasting” products when looking for a mattress. You might not even think to mention the word “technology,” and it could even be the last adjective that comes to mind.

In contrast, researchers have been working nonstop to provide you with the finest slumber of your life. To accomplish this, they must emphasize the mattress’s “technology” and how it can improve everyone’s sleep quality.

The biggest problem for mattress producers is to create a cool gel mattress that keeps users comfortable regardless of how they choose to sleep because each of us is unique and has a different sleeping style.

The material used in the top layer of the mattress

Gel: By drawing heat away from the bed’s surface and your body, this gel-infused foam can help keep you cool and fresh as you sleep.

Super soft fiber: This is an additional option that confers an extra comfort

Memory foam (Memoform) – Patented Memoform is an weight induced material which takes the body shape does not exert pressure back to the body and supports the spine, result being not hampering the blood flow.

Outer fabric is made of viscose which is highly breathable, soft to touch, removable and washable.

The material used in the core of the cooling mattress

Gel infused foam: Homogeneous Gel infused foam, renders freshness and coolness to the body.

Memory foam (Memoform): This patented material is a weight induced foam and takes the body shape and supports the spine gently. Made of open cell technology

Foam (Elioform): Orthopedic in nature, highly breathable and renders optimum support to the spine while you sleep. It is an open cell technology.

Dual core technology : Dual core system enables the perception of different degrees of comfort by just turning the core of the mattress over. Two types of comfort in one mattress.

What does a good night’s sleep include?

Sleeping well includes several factors. Did you know that for a good night’s sleep, the optimum temperature is cooler? The ideal temperature for one to enjoy a good night’s sleep is between 16-19 degrees. That in summer? It seems like too much effort.

Coolers, fans, and open windows are usually the solutions to come across this summer. But not affordable by many and open windows can be inviting to mosquitoes, and using a lot of electronic appliances only means a high electricity bill. 

A good night’s sleep is made with rest, comfort, and peace. A cool mattress in summer is an essential and important investment that will ensure your body gets its much-deserved break and restful restoration. A cool mattress for summer is not a luxury but a necessity. 

So what else can be optimized?

Mattress with cooling properties? Yes, they do exist. You have Magniflex Magnigel Dual Core Mattress designed to cool and beat the heat of a summer night.  A lot of parameters need to be considered while buying a best cooling mattress. They are easily maintained; that’s exactly why the Magniflex mattresses stand out.  

Cool Mattress for Summer with Air – Conditioning

The Magniflex Magnigel technology is patented for its Magnigel layer. The Magnigel layer functions to absorb heat and disperse it evenly to allow for uniform temperature changes that occur to your body while you sleep.

No more tossing and turning with the summer heat, it will make your sleep cool and comfortable. The mattress with its 11 unique layers ensures comfort at all levels. 

The dual-core technology helps you to adjust the level of comfort to your preference. Keep it firm or soft; the dual-core allows the layout of dividing mattress into two separate cores for giving two different kinds of support for utmost comfort and less motion transfer while sleeping with a partner.

This Magnigel Mattress features a Cooling & Breathable Gel-infused layer that actively distributes heat while sleep. This oustanding mechanism is designed to provide a constant microclimate that further ensures a cool and fresh sensation for a peaceful night! 

The best fit for a couple, the mattress allows each individual to choose the firmness based on their choice seamlessly.  The mattress is ergonomic and provides comfortable orthopaedic support.

Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy formulated mattress cover help beat the skin issues that can occur with a mattress, especially during the summer heat. 

With its natural cellulose-based fibre, this best cooling mattress absorbs moisture evenly and disperses it to keep you cool throughout. OEKO-TEX & GOTS certification is a feather on the hat. 

With its washable outer cover, you can not only maintain hygiene easily, and this best cooling mattress becomes a sure shot at being long-lasting. Sleep hygiene is no longer an issue. 

Made in Italy for the world and being the best mattress for summer in India. Enjoy the comfort lying on the premium mattress in the hottest of summers, with our patented Magnigel technology built to serve you.


Peaceful sleep is a key part of all our lives, and a mattress that heats up quickly and leaves you awake and sweating at night shouldn’t be the cause of preventing that. Cool gel mattresses are an innovative solution that aims to prevent such issues, allowing you to feel comfortable as you relax on your bed and drift away into deep sleep.