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Magnistretch Sport Mattress

Firm Mattress For Athletes.

The technological and innovative mattress that guarantees outstanding benefits for your spine, thanks to the stretching and decompressing action while you sleep. A mattress that is comfortable, breathable, anti-static and that regulates the temperature, providing a medium support in 21 cm of height

Height21 cm (8 Inch)
FabricMagniflex style fabric
Comfort LevelMedium Firm
Product BenefitsBreathable, Stretching system and Patented
Internal StructureEliosoft patented stretch core 5 cm, Elifoam patented stretch core 16 cm.
Warranty12 years
CertificationsACA, University of Zaragoza, OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Patented Material

The internal layout of the mattress features Magniflex's patented Memoform layers that dissipate pressure points and muscular contractions by offering pressure-induced body contouring support when you sleep.

Anti-bacterial & Anti-dustmite

The brilliant composition of the MagniStretch prevents the growth of bacteria into the deeper layers of the mattress. It offers an unfavourable condition for the survival of the microscopic bed spiders and helps you to maintain utmost sleep hygiene and odourlessness.

Anti-Allergy Fabric

The outer fabric of the mattress i.e mattress cover comes with anti bacterial & anti-fungal properties that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, molds & other allergens which is good for sensitive skin & safe for kids. And gives yor protection against allergy, bacterial & viral infections.


Dry Cleanable Mattress Cover

The mattress comes with an easy opening zipper which can be removed & dry-cleaned for ensuring better sleep hygiene.


Thermo Regulating

NASA certified Outlast fabric cover retain temperature as per the weather conditions by controlling proper breathability and heat distribution. It keeps the bed cozy and comfortable with it's smart Thermo Regulating formula.


Pain Relief Formula

MagniStretch mattress is exclusively designed with an orthopedic pain-relief formula that improves blood flow during sleep. It revitalizes discs, reduces pain in back & neck and stretches and decompresses the spinal column bringing ultimate sleeping comfort.

Mattress Height :

21 cms (8" thick)

Warranty :

12 years