Magniflex MagniStretch Mattress

Magniflex's exclusive range of MagniStretch is a proprietary orthopedic mattress designed with the pressure-sensitive mechanism. This ACA certified mattress is built with revolutionary memory foam called Memoform patented by Magniflex. This weight induced memory foam reacts to the weight of the body and adapts perfectly to any type of build.

Magniflex’s exclusive range of Memory Foam with Weight Induced Technology is powered by Open Cell Technology. This unique characteristic features an open cell structure that does not trap heat inside, releases moisture immediately and allows better air circulation throughout the mattress. This latest technology works on the principle of pressure exerted by the body. Weight induced Memory foam with Open Cell Technology by Magniflex retains its shape, support, & cushioning irrespective of environmental condition.

This new invention of mattresses uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the back and spinal column. This subtle traction gradually increases space between the vertebrae. It improves blood circulation and alleviates back pain. This particular mattress excellently promotes the stretching of the spine. Sleeping on this pallet reduces muscular contractions and soothes pain in the cervical vertebrae. This Mattress allows the sleeper to make a proper sleeping movement. It also decompresses the spinal column and revitalizes discs during sleep. This mattress is best for reducing back and neck pain.

The mattress cover is made from breathable, natural Viscose and Outlast Fabric that features anti-fungal and feather-touch qualities.

MagniStretch Mattress - 10 Layers of Comfort!

Magniflex's MagniStretch Mattress is designed with 10 layers of comfort to alleviate all sleep-related troubles and orthopedic sleeping concerns.

  • The outer layer of the mattress is NASA certified Outlast fabric that regulates body heat.
  • The second layer of the mattress is composed of hypoallergenic fibre that prevents the growth of dust mites.
  • The third layer of the mattress is featured with 1 cm patented memoform that immediately contours to the body & gives zero motion transfer.
  • The next layer is an insulating cover that distributes the body heat evenly among the other parts of the mattress.
  • The fifth & Sixth layer is a 5cm patented stretchcore Eliosoft foam and 8cm patented stretch-core Elioform which stretches the spine & improve blood circulation.
  • The seventh layer is Elioform provides optimum orthopedic support.
  • The eighth layer again features an insulting cover followed by the ninth layer of organic and soft viscose fabric with removable cover that has a zipper and can be dry-cleaned.
Height Approx 23 cm (9 Inch)
*Mattress size may vary +/-15 mm in length, width & thickness. User should allow minimum 48 hrs to mattress, So that mattress will regain to its original shape
Fabric Outlast / Viscose
Comfort Level Medium Firm
Internal structure Eliosoft with patented stretch core - 5 cm, Elioform with patented stretch core - 8 cm Elioform - 8 cm,
Padding in Memoform 1 cm and Hypoallergenic Fibre
Warranty 12 years
Certifications ACA, University of Zaragova, OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Reason To Choose MagniStretch Mattress

Excellent Composition

The 10x-layered built structure of the mattress features patented Elioform and Memoform materials.

Outlast Fabric

Outlast is a material that was originally designed for astronaut space suits. This absorbs extra heat and allows maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.

Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified tree cellulose that absorbs moisture ensuring a highly breathable mattress.

Certified Mattress

Magniflex MagniStretch Mattress is endorsed with ACA, University of Zaragoza, and OEKO-TEX® certifications.

Long Lasting

MagniStretch Mattress ensures a long-lasting service with 12 years of warranty provision from Magniflex.

Optimum Orthopaedic Support

Offers best support, comfort and recovery, especially for orthopedic patients and sportspersons.

Features of MagniStretch Mattress

Patented Material

The internal layout of the mattress features Magniflex's patented Memoform layers that dissipate pressure points and muscular contractions by offering pressure-induced body contouring support when you sleep.

Supreme Fabric Quality

The top layer of the MagniStretch Mattress is Outlast Fabric that absorbs extra heat and allows maximum comfort in hot or cold weather. The bottom layer features high-quality Viscose that absorbs moisture ensuring a highly breathable pallet for sleeping.

Anti-bacterial & Anti-dustmite

The brilliant composition of the MagniStretch prevents the growth of bacteria into the deeper layers of the mattress. It offers an unfavourable condition for the survival of the microscopic bed spiders and helps you to maintain utmost sleep hygiene and odourlessness.

Anti-Allergy Fabric

The outer fabric of the mattress i.e mattress cover comes with anti bacterial & anti-fungal properties that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, molds & other allergens which is good for sensitive skin & safe for kids. And gives yor protection against allergy, bacterial & viral infections.

Dry Cleananble Mattress Cover

The mattress comes with an easy opening zipper which can be removed & dry-cleaned for ensuring better sleep hygiene.

Thermo Regulating

NASA certified Outlast fabric cover retain temperature as per the weather conditions by controlling proper breathability and heat distribution. It keeps the bed cozy and comfortable with it's smart Thermo Regulating formula.

Pain Relief Formula

MagniStretch mattress is exclusively designed with an orthopedic pain-relief formula that improves blood flow during sleep. It revitalizes discs, reduces pain in back & neck by stretching and decompressing the spinal column bringing ultimate sleeping comfort.

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