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Your Personal, ACA Certified Physiotherapist

The MagniStretch Mattress by Magniflex is a specialized mattress designed to care for your spine. Its pressure-sensitive mechanism, coupled with Magniflex’s patented Memoform construction, makes it an ACA-certified solution for a good night’s sleep.
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Additional Information


23 cm (9 Inch)


Outlast / Viscose

Comfort Level

Medium Firm mattress

Product Benefits

Exclusive, Embrassing, Thermo regulating, Diversified support  for each part of body, Strong spine support 

Internal Structure

Eliosoft with patented stretch core – 5 cm, Elioform with patented stretch core – 8 cm Elioform – 8 cm,
Padding in Memoform 1 cm and Hypoallergenic Fibre


12 years


ACA, University of Zaragoza, OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Mattress Height :

23cms (9" thick)

Warranty :

12 years

Layers of magnistrech mattress for back pain

Core Materials of Magnistretch Mattress


Excellent Composition

The Magnistrech mattress is made with patented memoform to provide the right cushioning that helps stretch the spine gently with zero pressure on the back. An excellent composition of 10 layers of the mattress to provide everlasting support and great sleep all night.


Outlast Fabric

Outlast is a material that was originally designed for astronaut space suits. This absorbs extra heat and allows maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.


Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified tree cellulose that absorbs moisture ensuring a highly breathable mattress.


Long Lasting

MagniStretch Mattress ensures a long-lasting service with 12 years of warranty provision from Magniflex.


Optimum Orthopedic Support

Offers best support, comfort and recovery, especially for orthopedic patients and sportspersons.


Certified Mattress

Magniflex's MagniStretch Mattress is endorsed with ACA, University of Zaragoza, and OEKO-TEX® certifications.

How it works

MagniStretch mattresses are designed to promote spine lengthening, reduce muscle contractions, and relieve cervical pain caused by poor posture. The layer with different tilted sections uses your body weight to move from the lumbar area to the cervical area and back again, stretching your spine and increasing the space between the vertebrae. MagniStretch employs a technological patent developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zaragozza, and it is certified by ACA – AMERICAN CHIROPRATIC ASSOCIATION – the leading national association in the United States – for the beneficial effect of lengthening and relaxing the spine in the mattress.


Patented Material

The internal layout of the mattress features Magniflex's patented Memoform layers that dissipate pressure points and muscular contractions by offering pressure-induced body contouring support when you sleep.


Dry Cleananble Mattress Cover

The medium firm mattress comes with an easy opening zipper which can be removed & dry-cleaned for ensuring better sleep hygiene.


Pain Relief Formula

Magnistretch mattress comes with a removable zipper to make it dry cleanable friendly. Maintain the hygiene of your mattress and bring in freshness all night.


Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

The brilliant composition of the MagniStretch spine care mattress prevents the growth of bacteria into the deeper layers of the mattress. It offers an unfavourable condition for the survival of the microscopic bed spiders and helps you to maintain utmost sleep hygiene and odourlessness.


Thermo Regulating

NASA certified Outlast fabric cover retain temperature as per the weather conditions by controlling proper breathability and heat distribution. It keeps the bed cozy and comfortable with it's smart Thermo Regulating formula.

Hypoallergenic Fabric​

Anti-Allergy Fabric

The outer fabric of the mattress i.e mattress cover comes with anti bacterial & anti-fungal properties that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, molds & other allergens which is good for sensitive skin & safe for kids. And gives yor protection against allergy, bacterial & viral infections.

MagniStretch Mattress is preferred by champions.

MagniStretch technology stretches the back while you sleep, which is why it has been chosen by celebrities like Giorgio Chiellini and Stefano Tonut.

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