Magniflex New Semplice Mattress

Award-winning orthopaedic mattress made in Italy and certified by international bodies

Introducing New Semplice Memo Duo Mattress

Magniflex brings to you an award-winning orthopedic mattress made in Italy and certified by international bodies. New Semplice mattress is carefully crafted with well-designed layers to provide great support to your spine and entire skeleton structure. New Semplice memo duo mattress provides a dual comfort zone and allows you to choose between medium-firm to the firm to suit the body structure. Made with patented material ensure it keeps your pains at bay. 

The New Semplice memo duo mattress is made of patented material and provides the right support to all the parts of the body such as the head, shoulders, neck, knee, and ankle. The New Semplice is  8 inches (16 cm) in thickness of Elioform with unique checkered patterns on top. The mattress comes with a special 3D band that makes it highly breathable and maintains the body temperature while you sleep. 

The New Semplice mattress is well designed keeping in mind the age group of people 30 yrs and above as it is believed that due to their erratic lifestyles they are highly prone to back and spinal displacements. The non-heaty and weight induce memory foam created zero points and balance the weight of the body while you sleep.

New Semplice comes with 10 layers of optimum support to your skeleton system

Height Approx 20 cm (8” Thick)
*Mattress size may vary +/-15 mm in length, width & thickness. User should allow minimum 48 hrs to mattress, So that mattress will regain to its original shape
Fabric Silver fabric
Comfort Level Medium firm & firm
Internal structure Hypoallergenic fibre with 2 cm of memory foam & 16 cm of orthopedic Elioform with checkered pattern on top for optimal back support
Warranty 12 yrs
Certifications OEKO TEX & Made in Italy
Magniflex Dual Comfort Mattress Meter

Why should you buy a Magniflex New Semplice?

Comfort Dual Composition

Incredible composition

The mattress structure is composed of patented Memory foam & Elioform that is easily customizable. The New Semplice memo duo comes with twin comfort allowing the couples to choose the level of firmness desired. The mattress comes with non-heaty material and a layer of memory foam that creates zero pressure points on the surface of the mattress. These compositions allow one to lay on the surface of the mattress, without having to sink down.


Elioform with Checkered Pattern

A unique composition of mattress that uses Elioform with a unique checkered pattern that ensures great support & cushion to your back and the entire skeleton structure. The non-heaty properties ensure uninterrupted sleep without turning and twisting. A mattress that is well suited for the age group of 30 and above with muscle-related stress.

Silver Fabric

Silver Fabric

New Semplice mattress introduces antimicrobial silver ion fabric that ensures a high level of protection against bacterial and viral infections. The combination of silver ion and hypoallergenic fibers ensures your mattress is anti-dust mite and antifungal making it safe for all age groups.

Features of Magniflex New Semplice Mattress

Erogonomic Orthopedic

Ergonomic and orthopedic

New Semplice mattress is ergonomically designed and proven to give great comfort. A mattress made of patented material and weight-induced memory foam help distribute the weight of the body evenly.

Dual comfort zone

Dual Comfort Zone

The dual comfort enables one to choose from medium-firm to firm depending on the requirements. Easily flippable mattress to change the comfort as required.


Anti Bacterial and Anti Dustmite

The mattress is certified by international bodies and backed by certifications such as Anti-Bacterial, Anti Dustmite, OEKO Tex, and GOTS

Silver Fabric

Hypoallergenic fabric with silver ions

The unique combination of hypoallergenic fabric and silver ions in the mattress makes it free from any bacterial and fungal infections.



The mattress comes with 3D band making it highly breathable and with better air circulation. This ensures zero sweat and a fresh mattress all time with no odours coming from the mattress.

Washable Removable Cover

Washable Outer covers

The Mattress comes with easy zipper covers that are dry cleanable making it hygienic and safe to sleep.

Single Mattress

Single (78" x 36")

Price INR:48,264/-

Queen Size Mattress

Queen (78" x 60")

Price INR: 80,439/-

King Size Mattress

King (78" x 72")

Price INR: 96,527/-

Custom Size Mattress