Magniflex Nuvola Dual Mattress

Porous Airyfoam Which Provides Constant Air-Flow and Perfect Micro-Climate During Sleep

Height Approx 23 cm (9 Inch)
*Mattress size may vary +/-15 mm in length, width & thickness. User should allow minimum 48 hrs to mattress, So that mattress will regain to its original shape
Fabric ThermicĀ® / Viscose fabric
Comfort Level Soft / Medium Soft
Internal structure Padding in 2 cm memosoft & super soft fibre, Aquabreeze layer 5 cm, Elioform layer 15 cm
Warranty 12 years
Nuoval Dual comfort Level
Comfort Dual Composition

The Composition

A 2cm layer of Memosoft which adapts to your body & weight, bringing sensation of well being by relaxing your spine & Provides optimum Back support, 5 cm embracing new foam Aquabreeze for ultimate comfort & softness, a 15 cm layer of Elioform For orthopaedic support.

Aquabreeze foam

Aquabreeze foam

A foam with an airyfoam technology having special & exclusive open cell construction, allows continuous air Circulation for an optimal dispersion of body heat

ThermicĀ® fabric

ThermicĀ® fabric

Thermo regulating fabric regulates body heat, providing instant relief to the body by maintaining perfect micro-climate according to the ambient temperature

Orthopaedic Elioform

Orthopaedic Elioform

Exclusively crafted with high density micro-cellular foam for a complete orthopaedic & supportive feature That enables high breathability due to porous airyfoam technology

Thermo regulating Fabric

Thermo regulating fabric

Dual Core Technology

Dual core technology

5 Zone Supports

5 zone support

Airform Technology

Airyform technology

Anti Bacterial

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

patented memosoft

Patented Memosoft

thermo regulating

Thermo Regulating

Removable Cover

Removable Cover with Zipper

Single Mattress

Single (78" x 36")

Price INR: 1,74,017/-

Queen Size Mattress

Queen (78" x 60")

Price INR: 2,90,029/-

King Size Mattress

King (78" x 72")

Price INR: 3,48,035/-

Custom Size Mattress