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Luxury Mattresses

Giuliano Magni revolutionized the new age of sleeping technology and gave birth to the world’s best luxury mattresses. The mattresses are crafted in the world’s capital of craftsmanship, with great attention to detail, impeccable quality, and the finest of art. 

Magniflex created superior sleep solutions from the finest of materials combined with new age technology and finishing with ancient hand sewing techniques that are part of Italian art and science. Hailing from the land of the world’s finest craftsmanship, our eternal pursuit of perfection & sense of originality is our sole focus. Magniflex luxury mattresses are royal and a rare masterpiece from Italy.

Made to measure, the aesthetics, and the extremeness defines Magniflex’s luxury mattresses, and it’s one of its kind as you are.

Advanced Mattresses

Magniflex technologically advanced mattress is a discovery of years of innovation, research, and space-age technology. Incepted in a small town in Italy, Magniflex became the world leader in mattresses and ensures the world sleeps right. 

Dual-core technology provides two different levels of support is a rare combination of nature and technology.  The mattresses define every human sleep as unique and developed a technology to allow sleep partners to choose their best comfort solutions. An advanced technology that helps detect snoring and allows you to check the sleep data of your beloved. 

Magniflex Technologically advanced mattress has been at the forefront of innovation as it is made of patented material & technology. All our mattresses are vacuum-packed and shipped to over 100 countries, and over 50 million people across the world sleep on Magniflex.

The mattress is voted as the best hygienic mattress in the world that is certified by OEKO TEX, and GOTS. An anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and anti-fungus treatment is perfect for all skin types and safe for kids.  

Orthopedic Mattresses

We bring to you Europe’s no.1 brand and Italy’s largest manufacturer of an orthopedic mattress that helps relax and repair your muscles and provide right spine alignment leading to uninterrupted sleep. 

Magniflex mattresses are applauded by the world’s best and gained the most prestigious certifications like ACA by sleep experts, the best orthopedic organizations, and research bodies. 

The orthopedic mattress pioneers fine quality materials and highly advanced fabrics that are environmental friendly. A special mattress with NASA certified outlasts fabric, gel-infused foam and Dupont certified Coolmax fabric maintains air circulation and body temperature. This allows you to have a cool and dry night’s sleep. 

Explore the range of Magniflex’s orthopedic mattresses, its unique features and health benefits. 

Hotel Mattresses

We find the hotel mattress soft and luxurious. A mattress that helps you distress and have a good night’s sleep is a dream in itself and Magniflex’s mattress made to design commercial mattress is a class apart. 

Magniflex commercial Mattress is designed keeping in mind a larger audience with different needs of sleep. Airy, and comfortable mattress with equally soft comfortable pillows made to support neck muscles. Mattresses made with different builds and densities to comfort your muscles.  

Discover the range of hotel mattresses by Magniflex. 


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