The city’s elegant history and distinctive emblem are synonymous with excellence worldwide. The virtuoso line is a part of Magniflex’s collection, that combines luxury and refined fabrics, completing itself with the most prestigious natural fibers, with a goal to make your rest unique under the emblem of the Florentine Lily.

Virtuoso mattress
Armonia 01

Armonia Memoform Dual

Armonia Dual 12 offers countless options for you to customize the comfort level to suit your individual needs. Simply replace the inner topper and you’ll instantly have a different comfort level. The toppers are available in the following materials: Magnigel, Memoform, Latex and Elioform. In addition, the mattress features our patented Dual Core technology, which allows couples to choose the preffered comfort with a quick zip and flip. All of which in 30 cm of height.


Magniflex’s exclusive range of MagniStretch is a proprietary orthopedic mattress designed with the pressure-sensitive mechanism. This ACA certified mattress is built with revolutionary memory foam called Memoform patented by Magniflex.

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Magnigel o1

New Magnigel Dual Firm

A line that offers all the benefits you have always dreamed of: lightness, freshness and support. Sleeping on a Magnigel mattress is a subtle pleasure, which satisfies your body and relaxes your mind.


Magnistretch Sport

The technological and innovative mattress that guarantees outstanding benefits for your spine, thanks to the stretching and decompressing action while you sleep. A mattress that is comfortable, breathable, anti-static and that regulates the temperature, providing a medium support in 23 cm of height

sport 2

Massagio Deluxe

Massaggio Deluxe provides a regenerating massage throughout the night thanks to the padding with massaging action and a Medium Firm level of comfort. All of which in 25 cm of height.



Providing a soft and light sensation on the skin throughout the night, Carezza 8 makes the body come into direct contact with the core of the mattress. The cozy Memoform adapts perfectly to the shape of your body, providing unsurpassed comfort.

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Magniflex presents an Eco Paedic mattress made with natural materials to keep you cool and hydrated all night. As the name suggests, the Eco Paedic is imbibed with natural wood fabric to provide you the right temperature to sleep in. The wood fabric used helps in absorbing the sweat and keeps the humidity away.

Massaggio Light

Massaggio Light provides a regenerating massage throughout the night thanks to the padding with massaging action and a Medium Soft level of comfort. All of which in 21 cm of height.



The Ricordo Mattress is created for those people who seek the best mattress for back and neck pain and wish to experience the best of both worlds without having to settle for anything but the finest. Created using soft fabrics spun to perfection, to provide you with ultimate comfort as well as sturdy inner materials to give you unparalleled joint support, this is one of the best orthopedic mattress in India, that can help you bid join pains a final farewell.

Vitale Dolce

Vitale Dolce has a breathable properties thanks to its cover removable and easily dry-cleanable. The inner layer with its checkered structure supports the five main parts of the body.

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A good night’s sleep promotes a proper back rest. The Elioform layer was specifically designed for this, to provide the right amount of rigidity, matching the curvature of the spine.