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Magniflex Gold Luxury Mattress

Magniflex Gold Luxury Mattress

A Made-To-Measure mattress, the Magniflex Gold is truly the ultimate in high quality luxury mattress in India. But it is also therapeutic. The most precious mattress in the world comes in a 22-carat gold yarn fabric. Lending all the good properties of gold’s healing and curing properties to your sleep. Research has shown that gold ensures a feeling of relaxation, and can improve and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It also helps blood circulation and regulates body temperature.

So as you can see, it is not only luxurious, it is also essential for the fortunate few. To top it all, it is created to your own specifications. And comes with a gold label that has your name monogrammed on it. So it is as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Magniflex Virtuoso Luxury Mattress

The line that makes luxury a virtue. Each of the models in this line has a refined look, and combines fine quality most precious fibres Nature has to offer. The mattress cover is embellished by a decorative motif of Florentine lilies echoing the legendary artistic tradition that it comes from.

What is inside a Virtuoso mattress is even more luxurious. Built with Elioform Breeze enriched with eucalyptus extract, it enhances the feeling of well being and keeps you fresh while you rest. From fine horsehair to gossamer silk and merino wool, it comes with a choice of rare fibres, chosen to ensure a truly regal mattress that’s among the finest in the world.

Virtuoso Luxury Mattress
Armonia Luxury Mattress

Magniflex Armonia Memoform Dual Mattress

Every mattress in the Armonia collection provides four different combinations of comfort and support, thanks to the Dual Core plate and removable toppers. The versatility of the product line makes it suitable for different physiques and ensures harmonious rest even to people with widely assorted comfort requirements.

The internal core in Eliosoft and Elioform offers either a Soft or a Firm comfort depending on your preference. With the double mattress version you can benefit from the Dual Core Technology, which divides the mattress into two cores, providing two different types of support. All this, while the outlast/viscose fabric guarantees maximum breathability and heat regulating benefits.