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Magniflex MagniSmartech Mattress

MagniSmartech is an innovative system that integrates an adjustable base and mattress, and uses advanced technology like anti-snoring that automatically recognizes when a person starts snoring and changes the bed position to make it stop, Zero Gravity Position which relaxes sore muscle, takes pressure off from the heart, reduces swelling, edema, acid reflux, sleep apnea or asthma, Chromotherapy or Mood Light which uses light in the form of color to balance energy lacking from a person’s body.iCare Function that allows to check the sleep data of your beloved ones in real time through Smartphone App and/or website.

Magniflex MagniStretch Mattress

MagniStretch is a technological innovative mattress. Its an exclusive patented product, which was created to provide perfect comfort and support benefits to the back, which is stretched and elongated during sleep. The mattress helps in revitalising the spinal discs, which provides an improved blood flow and helps decompress the spinal column.
Magniflex Magnistretch Mattress