Memory Foam Mattress

Memoform is a patented material for its weight-induced technology specially designed and customized by Magniflex for memory foam mattresses to ensure revolutionary levels of performance. The material confirms the contours of the body, providing support without putting pressure on the body.


The virtuoso luxury mattress is a part of Magniflex’s collection..


Armonia Memoform Dual offers countless options for you to customize the comfort..

foam mattress


This ACA certified mattress is built with revolutionary memory foam..

Gel memory foam mattress


Sleeping on a Magnigel mattress is a subtle pleasure..

orthopedic memory foam mattress

Massagio Deluxe

Massaggio Deluxe provides regenerating  massage throughout the night..

Careza memory foam mattress in india


Providing a soft and light sensation on the skin throughout the night..


Magniflex presents an Eco Paedic mattress made with natural materials..

Ricordo foam mattress


People who seek the best mattress for back and neck pain..

best memory foam mattress

Vitale Dolce

Vitale Dolce has a breathable properties and easily washable..

Types of memory foam mattress

Heat induced memory foam (Normal Memory foam )

  • It responds to body heat, thus becoming harder during the cold seasons and softer during the hot ones.
  • Its non-breathable structure traps heat and causes a hot sleep.
  • The synthetic material has an unpleasant chemical smell which is difficult to eliminate.
  • The foam is processed with chemicals, which may be harmful to people and the environment.

Weight induced memory foam (Magniflex Memoform)

  • It responds to the body weight rather than heat, thus maintaining constant comfort all through the night and seasons.
  • Its open-cell structure improves the breathability of the mattress, which remains dry and cool.
  • No toxic chemical smells coming out of the mattress.
  • The foam is processed with water to be extremely natural.

Advantages of Memoform (Weight induced memory foam mattress)

  • Relaxation to the spine
  • Reduction in swelling of limbs by maintaining perfect blood circulation (material does not put pressure on the body but holds it without creating an “obstacle” to blood circulation)


1. Is it good to sleep on memory foam?

    Ideal to sleep on a Memoform mattress, as it does not put pressure on the body and takes a contour shape of your body.

2. Which is the best memory foam mattress?

    Weight induced memory foam mattress.