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Memory Foam Mattress

Look no further than a memory foam mattress for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleep solution. Magniflex’s Memoform material ensures that your body’s contours will be perfectly supported without any uncomfortable pressure points. Explore Magniflex’s collection of memory foam mattresses for a truly restful and peaceful sleep experience.


The virtuoso luxury mattress is a part of Magniflex’s collection.


Armonia Memoform Dual offers countless options for you to customize the comfort.

foam mattress


This ACA-certified mattress is built with revolutionary memory foam.

Gel memory foam mattress


Sleeping on a Magnigel mattress is a subtle pleasure.

Massagio Deluxe

Massaggio Deluxe provides regenerating  massage throughout the night.

Careza memory foam mattress in india


Providing a soft and light sensation on the skin throughout the night.


The novel Magnicool cloth imparts a unique sense of freshness.

Massaggio Light

Throughout the night, the Massaggio Light offers a regenerating massage.

Magnistretch Sport

Advanced and innovative mattress provides outstanding spinal support.


Magniflex presents an Eco Paedic mattress made with natural materials.


People who seek the best mattress for back and neck pain.

best memory foam mattress

Vitale Dolce

Vitale Dolce has breathable properties and is easily washable.

What is Memoform, also known as Memory Foam?

Our patented memory foam, also known as Memoform, is a unique and highly anatomical material designed to respond to the body’s weight and adapt to any type of build. It is composed of high-density open cells that allow for airflow within the mattress and a micro-cellular structure that adapts to the pressure exerted by the body, providing proper support and comfort.

Types of memory foam mattress

Heat induced memory foam

  • It responds to body heat, thus becoming harder during the cold seasons and softer during the hot ones.
  • Its non-breathable structure traps heat and causes a hot sleep.
  • The synthetic material has an unpleasant chemical smell which is difficult to eliminate.
  • The foam is processed with chemicals, which may harm people and the environment.

Weight induced memory foam

  • It responds to the body weight rather than heat, thus maintaining constant comfort all through the night and seasons.
  • Its open-cell structure improves the breathability of the mattress, which remains dry and cool.
  • No toxic chemical smells are coming out of the mattress.
  • The foam is processed with water to be extremely natural.

Benefits of Memoform or Memory Foam:

The key feature of Memoform memory foam mattresses is how they cancel out the pressure that the earth’s gravity exerts on both the body and the mattress, creating an area of “zero gravity” between the person’s body and the mattress. This ensures consistent comfort that is not affected by changes in temperature. Furthermore, memoform adapts to the body while respecting it. It promotes optimal blood circulation while you sleep, avoiding any bothersome pains during the night and when you wake up in the morning.

Ideal for specific needs or health concerns:

The unique properties of memoform material also make it an ideal choice for those with specific needs or health concerns. For example, those with chronic back pain or other conditions that affect their sleep may find that a Memoform memory foam mattress provides the support and comfort they need to get a good night’s rest. Additionally, the memory foam mattress can help to reduce the movement of the partner during the night, which can be beneficial for those who are light sleepers or are easily disturbed by their partner’s movements.

Features of Our Memory Foam Mattresses:

In addition to the benefits of memory foam material, our mattresses also feature some other advanced features. For example, our mattresses are designed with a multi-layer structure that provides optimal support and comfort for all body types. The top layer of the mattress is made of a soft, breathable material that helps to regulate temperature and wick away moisture. In contrast, the bottom layer is made of high-density foam that provides a firm foundation for the mattress. This multi-layer design helps to provide a balance of support and comfort and ensures that the mattress will retain its shape and provide consistent support over time.

Different firmness levels:

We also offer various firmness levels to suit the needs of different customers. For example, those who prefer a softer mattress may opt for a medium-firm mattress, while those who prefer a firmer mattress may choose a high-firm model. This allows customers to choose a mattress that best meets their needs and preferences.

Invest in Magniflex Memoform Mattress

The unique properties of Memoform make it an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress that adapts to their body, promotes ideal blood circulation, and provides a consistent level of comfort. With various firmness levels available, our memory foam mattresses are suitable for all customers and designed to provide optimal support and comfort for many years to come.