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Neck Safe Pillow

Say goodbye to spinal and spondylitis woes today
  • Ergonomic Wave Shape for superior neck and shoulder support
  • Orthopedic Support for people with spondylitis issues
  • Comfort for the cervical, especially if you sit for long hours during the day
  • Relieves frozen shoulders
  • Same cozy softness all year around: no changes due to weather
  • 3-years warranty

Say hello to great spinal health

A pillow that will support your back, neck and spine like no other

Magniflex Vs. Others Pillows

Magniflex Rest Easy Pillow

Memory Foam Pillows

Natural Fiber Pillows

Patented Memoform technology

Perfect level of softness, unchanged by weather

Ergonomic Wave shape for back, neck and shoulders

Cool airflow for non-sweaty sleep

Relieves frozen shoulders

Superior Orthopedic Support

Why do 50 Million+ Customers across
the world love Magniflex?

We’re a science-forward bedding brand, creating products with the likes of NASA

Made in Italy

Technology-led bedding, our products are backed by research, patents and certifications

65+ years of legacy in the sleep industry

Ranked #1 Bedding Brand in Europe

100+ countries & counting

What’s amazing about
the Neck Safe Pillow?

A pillow that focuses on your spinal health

Patented Memoform Technology: relieves neck, shoulder and back pain

Perfect Weight Distribution: removes pressure from neck & back

Cool air circulation: allows for perfect sleeping temperature

Targeted neck pain relief for spondylitis & cervical discomfort

1 review for Neck Safe Pillow

  1. Shankar

    Very comfortable and good quality

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