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Choosing the Perfect Mattress Comfort Level: Soft, Medium Firm, or Firm?

“Your back hurts? Try sleeping on a hard mattress”. “Oh! Your neck hurts!? Try sleeping on a firm pillow”. “Recovering from an injury? You should sleep on a firm bed”. “You just had a baby! You should sleep on a flat platform-like mattress”. These are everyday things we hear in a country like ours, which has been obsessed with a firm mattress for centuries. But the truth is that a hard and firm mattress is meant for only some. Our mattress comfort level should be based on a few factors explained in this blog post. 

Until recently, we were not exposed to innovative mattresses in India and had limited choices of choosing a coir or a cotton mattress. Today, India has various mattresses to choose from, and Indians are slowly ready to learn about the different comfort levels that a bed can bring into their sleep experience. 

But how does one know what firmness level they should sleep on or what is ideal for them? Many articles on the internet list what kind of mattress is better or bad for you. While some say a firm mattress is beneficial for back and spine alignment, some claim a cocoon created by a soft bed is what aids in restful sleep. 

In the article, let us decode some facts about the firmness of a comfortable mattress as per individual needs and requirements. 

Consider a few factors before determining the comfort you should choose before finalising your mattress. Here are a few factors to consider before buying a mattress; 

  1. Your body weight – Your body weight and physique are detrimental to knowing how various firmness levels feel. Generally, we recommend that people who weigh over 90-100 kilograms opt for a firm mattress and those up to 60 kilograms for a soft to mid-firm mattress. People who tend to be bulkier might sink in uncomfortably on a soft mattress, which may also affect their spine alignment; hence, a firm mattress will be more beneficial for them. 
  2. Your Sleeping Position – You may be surprised to know that the sleep position you prefer influences your choice of the comfort level of your mattress. Back and stomach sleepers benefit from a firm mattress, whereas side sleepers benefit from a soft to a medium firm mattress. 
  3. Your Partner preferences – If you and your partner share a bed, your choices for mattress comfort levels will likely differ based on factors such as sleep positions, body weight, and medical conditions. Nonetheless, compromise is often necessary to ensure a night of undisturbed sleep. In these situations, a medium-firm mattress is the most adaptable, balancing the cosy embrace of a soft mattress and the essential support of a firm one. Additionally, Magniflex provides a dual-core mattress option, allowing you to customise the comfort level on each side of the bed simply by flipping it to make it soft or firm.

This table below will help you understand better how Magniflex’s various comfort levels can feel:


Magniflex Soft

Magniflex Medium Firm

Magniflex Firm

Soft with a Balanced feel – does not allow you to

Soft with a sturdy base

Sturdy top and base

Creates a soft cocoon lending contoured support

Provides pressure relief and support

Offers firm support without body contouring

Suitable for side sleepers

Suitable for all sleep positions and double-shared beds

Ideal for people back and stomach sleepers

Ideal for small-body builds

Ideal for mid-sized body builds

Ideal for large-body builds

It is beneficial for people who have a body weight of up to 60 kilograms

It is helpful for people who have a body weight of up to 90 kilograms

It is useful for people who have a body weight of more than 100 kilograms


Ideal for patients recovering post an injury or surgery

Ideal for patients suffering from sleep apnea and COPD


Helpful in post-natal recovery