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Made in Italy Relaxsan Mattress is the ultimate choice across the world for avoiding back problems and getting an blissful sleep. The exclusive features protects you and your family from harmful chemicals, allergy, dust and microbial infections. The products are CE certified to ensure the best health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

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Aruna Srikanth
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I have been using gel mattress from Magniflex. Extremely happy with the comfort and support level on this mattress. Best part being they do not use toxic chemicals and from day one I have not got any odour from foam, which is generally felt in most of the brands. I recommend to all my relatives and friends to buy Magniflex mattress and pillows.
Asha Harish
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I'm still loving this mattress. I've been sleeping on the "soft" side and have noticed some compression. To keep the mattress surface even, I've slept on both sides and the middle. But the compressed soft is a little too soft for me. I like a firm foam mattress
Harsha Patil
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Magniflex has top class mattresses. They use imported high quality foam and mattresses are suited for all seasons. It has been one year since I am using one - the mattress exceeds all expectations. It is light, easy to maintain and yet provides full luxury. These mattresses are much better than spring based mattresses
Avinash Chaudhary
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If you have a cervical issue & get sprain during sleep or when wake up then you should buy Magniflex double pillow. One of the best pillows in India, provides good support to head, neck & shoulder. My entire family is using it & loving it.
Neeraj Girdhar
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Before purchasing Magniflex I was very confuse about buying foam mattress. While searching for best mattress brands in India, most of the brands I come across are spring mattress. However, after knowing the foam qualities & going through product demo. I have decided to buy Magniflex Ecopaedic mattress as it has organic wood fabric, anti allergic & good for skin