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Rest Easy Pillow

A promise of a comfortable, pain-free sleeping experience
  • Patented Memoform
  • Long-lasting and Easy to Use
  • Superior Support with Weight-Induced Technology
  • Proper Alignment with Cervical Area Support
  • 3-years warranty

The Sweetest Dreams are
Coming Your Way

A pillow for dreamy support and microbe-free slumber.

Magniflex Vs. Others Pillows

Magniflex Rest Easy Pillow

Memory Foam Pillows

Natural Fiber Pillows

Patented Memoform technology

Perfect level of softness, unchanged by weather

Superior anatomic support for back, neck and shoulders

Cool airflow for non-sweaty sleep

Dust-resistant & hypoallergenic

Microbe-resistant with TH 15-14 treatment

Why do 50 Million+ Customers across
the world love Magniflex?

We’re a science-forward bedding brand, creating products with the likes of NASA

Made in Italy

Technology-led bedding, our products are backed by research, patents and certifications

65+ years of legacy in the sleep industry

Ranked #1 Bedding Brand in Europe

100+ countries & counting

What’s amazing about
the Rest Easy Pillow?

India’s 1st microbe-resistant pillow. 

Cool air circulation:
allows for perfect sleeping temperature

Perfect Weight Distribution: removes pressure from joint areas

Patented Memoform Technology: relieves neck, shoulder and back pain

TH 15-14 treatment: Microbe and dust resistant for healthier sleep.

4 reviews for Rest Easy Pillow

  1. Frank

    I just got this Magniflex pillow, and it’s amazing. It’s super comfy, just like their mattresses. I have been using a Magniflex mattress for 9 years now and love it, so I knew the pillow would be good too. I was right.

  2. Rajkumar

    Nice Product, loved it.

  3. Ava

    Thank you Magniflex for the quick delivery of the pillow. I have spent only a night sleeping on the pillow, but it definitely feels much better than my earlier pillow. The size of the pillow works really well and enhances the comfort.

  4. Lisha

    I found the ideal support and comfort for my neck with this pillow. This pillow is a holy grail for side sleepers like me as i don’t wake up with neck or shoulder pain anymore.

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