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Introducing Ricordo - Once Only Dreamed Of, Now A Reality

Compromising and sacrificing one benefit for another is a way of life, one that we are forced to live with. That being said, what if you did not have to choose and you actually got exactly the benefit you desired? Is it possible to enjoy both luxury and comfort without compromising on health? While this seems a tad far fetched, you do not have to pinch yourself anytime soon, as this is the best mattress for back and neck pain and this information prove to you that you can have your cake and eat it too!

It is indeed possible to listen to your body’s needs and get a sturdy mattress, without compromising on your hearts desires and sleep like royalty. The most comfortable and best mattress for back and neck pain by Magniflex is now here as we present to you, the bedding of your dreams now available in reality, Ricordo luxury orthopaedic mattresses


Paradise on Earth - Placed Directly In Your Bedroom

The Ricordo Mattress is created for those people who seek the best mattress for back and neck pain and wish to experience the best of both worlds without having to settle for anything but the finest. Created using soft fabrics spun to perfection, to provide you with ultimate comfort as well as sturdy inner materials to give you unparalleled joint support, this is one of the best orthopedic mattress in India, that can help you bid join pains a final farewell.

Blessed By Mother Nature With Healthy Benefits

Mother nature has given us a bountiful of gifts through natural resources such as plants and trees. Magniflex has used the best of these resources to create a product after carefully procuring the raw items from choiced sources and blending them to form a single product to suit all your sleeping needs.

Derived from processed tree cellulose, Viscose absorbs both moisture and gives a texture better than any fully synthetic fabric. Acquired directly from the generous hands of other Nature and purified for you, Viscose is a soft and breathable fabric that enhances comfort yet dispenses of perspiration.
The Ricordo Mattress helps you sleep like royalty without any disturbances felt due to sweating, moisture collected on the surface and low grade fabrics used to sew the mattress. High quality viscose fabric is used to create all Ricordo Mattresses as you deserve only the very best.

Height Approx 20 cm (8 Inch)
*Mattress size may vary +/-15 mm in length, width & thickness. User should allow minimum 48 hrs to mattress, So that mattress will regain to its original shape
Fabric Viscose Fabric
Comfort Level Medium Firm
Internal structure Padding in 2 cm memoform & hypoallergenic fibre, Elioform layer 17 cm
Warranty 10 years

Orthopaedic Support Through A Sturdy Composition

Built on a sturdy layer of 2cm thick Memofoam Magnifoam, Ricordo is one the best orthopedic mattress in India and for good reasons. In addition to the basic support the Memofoam provides, an additional layer of Elioform gives this mattress the needed reinforcement to help you wake up every night without back pain. Joint pains are a pesky worry of the past with the various resting points the best orthopedic mattress in India offers.

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Orthopaedic Elioform To Refresh Your Body and Mind

Money cant buy happiness, and one has to struggle to get a good night’s sleep, are statements that are soon to be forgotten, as it is possible to achieve both these tasks effortlessly.

The Ricordo Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress is designed by talented experts using materials like high density micro-cellular foam. This in turn gives you a powerful advantage as common issues such as incorrect sleeping postures as well as back, neck, and joint pains are corrected without any conscious effort on your part. Sleeping tired and waking up feeling like a million dollars is now a real possibility with Ricordo, the best mattress for back and neck pain.


The Composition

A 2cm layer of Memoform Magnifoam offers basic orthopaedic support to the spine, and a 17 cm layer of Elioform reinforces it. The result is a special mattress for an exceptional sleeping experience.


Orthopaedic Elioform

Exclusively crafted with high density micro-cellular foam for a complete orthopaedic & supportive feature that enables high breathability.


Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified tree cellulose that absorbs moisture ensuring a highly breathable mattress.

A Package Deal You Cant’s Afford To Say No To!

The Ricordo Mattress is by far the best mattress for back and neck pain because this was developed using a core concept of creating a product meant to please the wishes of both the brain and the heart and put a final end the former never ending conflict. While the brain desires a sturdy surface to rest a weary body, the heart desires luxurious materials and the best level of comfort.

Based on this core concept, the three key elements of the Ricordo mattress are the cover, the padding and the sturdy yet comfortable layers.

The Cover - Just Like Silk Yet Breathable

Silky, soft to touch and breathable, the viscose cover makes this mattress your favorite place to rest in your home. Goodbye perspiration, hello pleasant dreams.

The Padding - Adapts To Your Body Contour

The Memofoam padding adapts itself to your body’s shape which in turn enables you to sleep in a relaxed position while enjoying the sensation of lightness. In addition, the hypoallergenic fabric gives you a valuable advantage as it the fabric is crafted with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Both of these properties are good for your skin and keep dust allergies at bay.

The Base and Comfort Layers - Dense, Firm Yet Flexible

The base layer created using premium Elioform, has a micro-cellular, high-density foam structure, which provides a firm yet comfortable orthopedic support to your spine.

Washable & Removable cover with zipper

Ergonomic & Orthopaedic

Hypoallergenic fabric

Hypoallergenic Fabric

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

3D Breathable band as an added  advantage for better air circulation

Patented Memoform

3D Breathable band as an added  advantage for better air circulation

Eco Friendly

Don’t Quit It Until You Sleep On It - Try It For Yourself

An amazing product with actual benefits often pays for itself in the next few years and this is true for Ricordo the best orthopedic mattress in India.

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Single (78" x 36")

Price INR: 49,947/-

Queen (78" x 60")

Price INR: 83,245/-

King (78" x 72")

Price INR: 99,894/-


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