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Do Before Going To Bed

Things You Should Always Do Before Going To Bed

Having a night time routine is as important as your morning routine. Because it gives you a chance to organise yourself for the next day. Hence, it is important to inculcate some good habits before going to bed. In this blog, we will tell you 5 things that should be done before hitting the hay. 

1. Practice gratitude

We all should be grateful for what we have; it’s always said to count your blessings; that’s why practicing gratitude is the best thing to do before going to bed. Before sleeping, we should think of a positive affirmation we want to make and pray or be thankful for what we have. This helps a lot to remain positive and go to bed with positive energy around you. 

2. Analyse your day 

After a hectic day at work, it is very important to analyse your day, like how productive you were today? What made you happy today? Were you able to help someone today? Summarizing your day before going to bed helps in staying more organized and also remembering things better. Once you analyze your day, the next step is to plan your next day to make a to-do list or just think about what you want to achieve on your next day. 

3. Listen to music

We all are glued to our phones before going to bed, and because of continuous  light exposure, it takes longer than usual to fall asleep. So, to ensure a sound sleep, it’s best to take a break from technology and put everything aside, and listen to soothing music. Research studies suggest that listening to soft music before sleep helps sleep faster and gives more sound sleep. If not music, then you can read a book or novel. The goal of doing these two things is to move away from your mobiles and laptops to ensure minimal screen exposure.

4. Take a walk

Taking a walk can help a lot as far as sleep is concerned and fitness too. This is the best detox for the whole body which also helps to sleep faster. Research studies suggest that people who take a walk before sleeping can sleep better and faster than other people. The quality of sleep improves and you will wake up active and fresh.

5. Take a break for mental well being

Disconnect from your work 1 hour before your bedtime and spend this one-hour doing activities that you love or just by simply relaxing yourself. Taking a break is very important as it refreshes your mind and makes all the work stress go away to sleep in peace. In that one hour, you can practice meditation. It is recommended for your mental well-being as well as enhancing concentration. Dim lights for your bedroom 30 minutes before sleep; this will help you to sleep faster. 

Incorporate these habits in your daily routine before going to bed and see the positive change in you. The sense of being organized also kicks in. Additionally you should always ensure that your mattress stays in good shape and pleasant enough to have a good night sleep.

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