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The Mattress That Makes Luxury A Virtue

The city’s elegant history and distinctive emblem are synonymous with excellence worldwide. The virtuoso luxury mattress is a part of Magniflex’s collection, that combines luxury and refined fabrics, completing itself with the most prestigious natural fibers, with a goal to make your rest unique under the emblem of the Florentine Lily.
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30 cm (12 Inch)


Satin Viscose

Comfort Level

Medium soft

Product Benefits

Exclusive -Precious natural materials, Natural breathable material, Embracing Natural Thermo-regulating, Extra Comfort, 5 zone support, Airyform technology 

Internal Structure

Padding Winter side in Cashmere, Merino Wool, Camel hair wool, Horse hair; Layer in Memoform HD 4 cm, Elioform Breeze 19 cm, Memoform HD 4 cm, Padding Summer side in Silk, Linen, Horse hair, Cotton


20 years



Mattress Height :

30 cms (12" thick)

Warranty :

20 years

Virtuoso premium mattress inner layers

Core Material used in Virtuoso luxury mattress

Silk Mon Amour

Silk Mon Amour

Silk is among the world’s most beloved fabrics and is undoubtedly the thinnest natural fiber. Thin and strong, it is able to resist deformation, remaining soft and pleasant to the touch. Silk is also the fabric of choice because, being an excellent insulator, it keeps you warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Luxury of Natural Cashmere

The Luxury of Natural Cashmere

Cashmere is a very soft animal fiber that withstands dirt and, above all, dust. Its extraordinary capacity to trap air gives it a high degree of heat insulation which ensures constant warmth even in winter.

Freshness of Linen

The Freshness of Linen

Linen is the most suitable fiber for filling the summer side of a mattress since it offers a sensation of freshness when in contact with the skin. Besides, the molecular structure of linen absorbs the moisture released by the body during sleep and lets it evaporate.

mareno wool

Merino Wool, The Noble Fiber

Merino wool is one of the finest animal fibers that is obtained from shearing the best sheep for their wool. This fiber is extremely thin, soft to the touch and allows the skin to breathe.

Rare Camel Fiber

Rare Camel Fiber

Camel fiber is ideal for winter padding because its structure contains hygroscopic properties that absorb and dissipate the body’s moisture and retain heat. The result is a microclimate that is always dry and pleasant.

Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber, soft but durable. This material stands out for its great breathability, which keeps it cool when in contact with the skin. Cotton also stays dry, thanks to its structure which helps absorb moisture.

Horse Hair secret

An Ancient Secret : Horse Hair

Horsehair, taken from the animal’s tail or mane, is a fiber that has been used for generations to form the upholstery of beds and mattresses. This fiber is extremely durable and elastic, never loses its natural flexibility and easily regains the original shape of the mattress night after night for a comfortable and refreshing sleep. The horsehair also absorbs moisture to ensure a dry sleep environment.

Features of Virtuoso luxury mattress

Florentine lilies

Florentine lilies echoing the legendary artistic tradition of Italy

Anti Bacterial

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

handmade design

Handmade design expressing quality fine craftsmanship

Elioform breeze

Elioform breeze enriched with eucalyptus extract enhances the feeling of well-being & keeps you fresh while you rest

hypo allergenic fabric

Hypoallergenic fabric

Finest rare fibres

Finest rare fibres that keeps you warm during winter & cool during summer