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Everything you wanted to know about Gel Mattresses

People traditionally used naturally available materials to make beds. viz., cotton, silk, horse hair, and wool etc.; people staying in tropical countries preferred cotton mattresses, and people in colder countries preferred wool mattresses to keep themselves warm, and the wealthy got their beds sewn using horse hair and silk along with cotton and wool for extra comfort. Mattresses were more straightforward, and no one gave a thought about the kind of support or the health benefits they provided. 

Times changed, the technology advanced, healthcare research improved, people realised how vital mattresses were in safeguarding health, and finally, people understood the importance of sleep. Today, there are a plethora of mattresses to choose from; every mattress available in the market serves a purpose – for example if you work out and lead an active life – there’s a stretch mattress for you. If you live in scorching weather conditions – there’s a cooling mattress. You share your bed with your partner, and there’s a dual-core mattress for you. 

Last time, we discussed a popular bed in recent times – The electric bed. This post will discuss another popular mattress – A Gel mattress or a cooling gel mattress. As a mattress manufacturer, we frequently get many questions about the gel mattress; we will list down a few FAQs and answer them for you; 

What is a gel mattress? 

It is a mattress that uses gel to provide cooling and comfort. A good Gel mattress infuses gel into memory foam. Some mattresses use the gel as a standalone layer. These mattresses are designed to cool you down while you sleep and provide more support than traditional mattresses.

Are gel mattresses good to sleep on? 

Gel mattresses are relatively new, and many are still determining how they will feel. The answer is that these can be very comfortable for many people, especially those who get hot while sleeping. The gel draws heat away from the body, making for a cooler and more restful night’s sleep. They are also suitable for people with back pain or other pain issues, as the gel can help to provide support and relief.

What are the benefits of a gel mattress? 

The benefits of a gel mattress include the following:

    • Cooler sleep
    • More comfortable sleep
    • Support for back pain and other pain issues
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Resistant to moisture and mold. 

What are the drawbacks of a gel mattress? 

The drawbacks depend on the mattress brand you pick; some gel mattresses use the gel as a standalone layer on foam, and in such cases, the mattress feels rigid and hard on the back. A good gel mattress is an excellent investment in health; pick one that infuses gel with memoform (patented memory foam). That way, you get all the benefits of a gel mattress. 

How do gel mattresses work?

They work by using gel to provide cooling and comfort. The gel is typically infused into memory foam. These mattresses are designed to help you sleep cooler and offer more support than traditional mattresses.

When you lie on a gel mattress, the gel-infused memoform conforms to your body shape; the gel draws heat away, helping you sleep cooler. The gel also supports your body, helping relieve pressure points.

How do you care for a gel mattress?

A good gel-infused mattress needs no special care. Following basic hygiene in your bedroom will ensure the longevity of the mattress. Here are a few care tips; 

  1. Maintain hygiene in your bedroom by keeping it clutter free and open to sunlight during the day.
  2. Avoid eating and smoking in bed.
  3. Avoid spillage on the bed and
  4. Do not order a mattress online. Always visit a store and test the mattress yourself in consultation with the trained staff before purchasing. 
  5. Use a mattress protector.



Overall, gel mattresses can be a great option for people who want a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. It’s a wise investment in health for those who love thy body.