The Masters Behind The Masterpiece

In the sixties, when the world stood witnessing massive cultural and technological upheavals, a man named Giuliano Magni started a sleeping revolution. In a small workshop tucked away in Prato, Italy, he dreamed to create the world’s most perfect mattress. Prato being the world’s capital of craftsmanship was the right starting place where Giuliano Magni’s innovative ideas on sleep and wellbeing found their expression.

After years of observation and research, Giuliano Magni understood the importance of sleeping right. Inspired by nature, he brought to life a combination of techniques to create a mattress that would redefine the art and science of sleep. Today, 60 years later, over 50 million people in over 100 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses.

Our Journey Is Our Legacy

The birth of the world’s best mattress has been a journey of a lifetime. Right from inception to its rise in popularity around the world, every step has been an unforgettable milestone of industry-transforming innovations and success.

Over 60 Years of Quality

Attention To Detail And The Desire For Perfection Magniflex is synonymous with excellence. The company has always stood out from the rest because its products contain a real added value for its consumers: quality. Magniflex uses 100% Italian materials, counts on the expertise of specialized technicians and has over 180 employees who all work closely with each other to share their know-how and passion for success.

Italian Products Exported To 100 Countries Craftsmanship and Italian genius create unique products that are a guarantee of quality worldwide. In the sleep industry, Magniflex represents Italian manufacturing. Each product expresses passion and dedication, qualities which make our mattresses unique and unrivalled.

The Secret Of Good Sleep Lies In The Heart Of Our Mattresses Magniflex uses different types of materials that meet different needs but satisfy all types of specific sleep requirements. Every material is crushproof due to the extremely high quality ofraw materials, which retain the characteristics over time.

Patented Core Material, Highly Advanced Fabric, Technology & Unique Benefits

Magniflex has always endeavored to provide the worlds best in sleep essentials. In that journey, we have kept innovation at the forefront. With the idea to bring you the best sleep you will ever have, we fuse innovation and function to pioneer a whole new line of patented mattresses that will make you indulge in a world of comfort sleep