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Crafted In Italy, Designed For The World
Magniflex history began in 1960’s in Prato, Italy, where the first Magniflex mattress was crafted in a small workshop. The mattresses were built with passion, care, and quality, the values on which we still stand on today.
Over 60 Years of Excellent Quality
The unique blend of craftsmanship, traditions, and modern technology has enabled Magniflex to create magnificent variety of sleep products that our patrons worldwide know and love. This is why our story has been spoken about by brands globally.
50 Million Happy Customers
Magniflex has always focused on promoting sleep and rest that improves quality of your life. We work for it everyday while innovating constantly to achieve the goal.
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What Makes Magniflex the World’s Best Mattress Brand?

You spend eight hours in bed and this is the best place to ensure you give yourself the best therapy ever: support for your back and body. At Magniflex the world’s best mattress brand, we have perfected the art of creating mattress that provide you with therapy for your back, whether you already have a back problem or not.

This is why over 50 million people worldwide prefer our mattresses – and smile their way through a hectic week, well-rested.

An Italian cityscape with historic architecture

Exclusively Made In Italy

The artisan sensibility and the Italian genius create unique products: that make “Made in Italy” the guarantee of quality worldwide. Today, Magniflex is considered the spokesperson of the “Made In Italy” rest of the world. Customers know that they can find unparalleled passion and dedication when making Magniflex mattresses.

Patented Memoform

Patented Memoform is the most anatomical of the materials used by Magniflex. The Memoform is designed to react to the weight of the body so that it adapts perfectly to each contour of the human figure. This feature provides a sensation of well-being and has beneficial effects on the spine, enabling it to relax.

certified mattress

International Certificates

Our mattresses meet the world’s most stringent and prestigious certifications by the renowned experts, organizations and research bodies. With patented technologies and cutting edge innovations approved and recommended by leading health practitioners, Magniflex mattresses are a step ahead of the rest.

core materials of magniflex

Core Materials

Magniflex knows the different needs of a quality sleep, which is why it offers differentiated solutions that are sure to meet every need. All materials are OEKO-TEX®-certified, which stands as a guarantee that they are free from substances that are toxic or harmful for man and the environment

Technology which used in the mattress

Innovation And Technology

Our research is non-stop and has no limits. The goal at Magniflex is to invent innovative technologies to consistently improve our products and respond precisely to the needs of each individual customer and provide them with the perfect sleeping experience every night.

magniflex mattress brand ambasider

Giorgio Chiellini

Champion of the Italian National Team that won the last European soccer event, a player from Tuscany, who allows us to tie the name of our company to the place where everything began. Magniflex and Giorgio Chiellini are a strong and rooted duo, made up of healthy principles and hard work.

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Magniflex is the best mattress brands in India.

Your mattress is a key factor in your sleep quality and wellness, so why not ensure the best mattress for your sleep?
Magniflex is one of the mattress brands you can trust in India. Mattresses are designed to provide you with an extra comfy spot for resting. Still, we at Magniflex make it our responsibility to provide all our customers with not only cozy and warm mattresses but also those that have wellness benefits associated with them. Sleep is unique to each individual, which is why we offer an expansive collection of premium mattresses to fit everyone’s specific needs.

The Magniflex Advantage

Magniflex produces premium mattresses that are fully optimized for the different needs of people and have great longevity, which means that these mattresses can be in good shape even after ten years of usage. We at Magniflex focus on our customer’s overall experience and ensure that the mattress quality is not compromised in any situation.

What is so special about Magniflex?

All the products produced under Magniflex are invented using premium foam materials such as Memoform, Eliosoft, and Elioform, which ensure the maximum possible comfort while resting or sleeping. The high-quality material that the mattress incorporates will make your sleep even better and will also aid in relieving different pressure points on your body that are usually not taken care of when using an ordinary mattress.

Difference between Magniflex & Other Mattress brands

Magniflex, the best mattress brands, manufactures the highest-quality Italian material that is certified and patented. Ergonomics research has been conducted at the University of Florence.

We manufacture 100% highly breathable open-cell technology. Unlike other foam mattresses, it does not generate heat.

Oeko-Tex certification ensures that no harmful substances are present that are completely non-toxic to humans and the environment.

LGA, which stands for the material’s toughness (non-deformable); ACA, Certified by Chiropractors

IMCI Certified “100% Made in Italy”

Most other mattress brands in India use fillers to cut manufacturing costs, which causes heat generation and durability issues. Fillers include calcium carbonate and others.

Why should you choose Magniflex?

– Magniflex is the best mattress brands in India because we have been manufacturing quality products since 1960.

– Magniflex has a wide range of mattress types to suit your needs.

– Magniflex mattresses are made with high quality, durable material.

– With a 12 year warranty.

– You can try out our mattresses at the store before buying it.

Questions about international mattress brands

1. Why choose an international mattress brand in India?
International mattress brands are known for their quality, comfort, and durability. These brands use high-quality materials, advanced technology, and innovative designs to create mattresses that provide the best sleeping experience. Moreover, these brands have a global reputation for excellence, making them a reliable choice for those looking for a good quality mattress in India.

2. Are international mattress brands more expensive?
Yes, international mattress brands are generally more expensive than local brands. However, they offer superior quality, comfort, and durability, making them a worthwhile investment.